Klimax is a content sharing and creating application that is aimed at revolutionising the way contents are consumed and created.




8 Weeks

Project Type

UX, UI, Product Design, Collaboration


UX/UI Designer


A new content king

Klimax was created for Millenials and GenZs to experience the peak of content creation and sharing. The creators and knowledge whores who constantly seek new ground to break into. It personalises the creation and consumption process, directly linking creators to people who show interest in their genres and consumers to the categories they love the most.


New Gen creators face a terribly hard climb ladder on now-traditional platforms like Youtube and most would like to avoid contributing to the attention span cutting of platforms like Tik-Tok. This awareness leads to a search for better answers to the content challenge.


Klimax improves the creative ecosystem by the simplification of both content creation and consumption to reduce the amount of time spent looking for the right content and give each user more time to consume, create and share.

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My Role/Responsibilities

UX research, UI design, brand identity



Content finding & sharing essentials

The goal of the initial research was to better understand users' requirements for producing and consuming audio-visual material, as well as how well they understood these requirements.

Focus Areas

What products exist to listen, watch and share contents?


How do users interact with existing products?


What are users current pain points with existing products?


Which features are essential for content creation and consumption?

User Interviews

Then, participants were subjected to a series of interviews to further uncover the needs, wants, and frustrations with the current products in order to determine how KLIMAX may enhance this experience.

Key Takeaways

All participants used a combination of multiple apps to listen, watch and share contents


Users value the ability to customize their settings to curate things that fit their preferences


Major products in the market lack desirable features or are limited and feel insufficient in their user experience


A good number of applications limit features like playback speed to the premium users alone


Too much information on screen makes users feel overwhelmed, and the entire UI in turn feels complex


Irrelevant suggestions feel impersonal and clutter the UI, filters are highly used tools when searching

Competitive & Comparative Analysis

Comparing with the current products that were available for users to consume and share content helped to figure out strengths and weaknesses.


Carving out a niche in a saturated market

Following the conclusion of the discovery phase, all participant materials were combined in order to pinpoint patterns, prospects, and features as to which KLIMAX might concentrate and develop.

Affinity Map

An affinity map was created to identify high level themes and group similar insights gained from the user interviews.

Interview Synthesis

Interview synthesis was carried out to process what I learnt from the users and further apply that into the design


Two personas were built based on the data collected to help drive decision making and keep the product focused on solving users pain points, frustrations, and goals.


Creating up a better experience

To kick-off the design process, quick sketches helped me get ideas on paper to establish which elements were necessary for each screen. A low fidelity prototype was then created for initial user testing.

User Flow

The primary user flow is the process of searching, interacting and sharing with friends.

Site Map

KLIMAX's simple information structure makes it easy to navigate and move through tasks.


Rough sketches were done to get my initial thoughts on paper and brainstorm new ideas for specific UI elements.

Low-Fidelity Prototypes

As an early  visualization of alternative design solutions, which helps provoke innovation and improvement, low-fidelity prototypes were created for testing.

Usability Study

A usability study was conducted to ensure the plan for the product's functions, features and overall purpose are in line with what users want by observing how real-life people use the product.

Pain Points

The method of giving feedback was not direct enough/ easy to find.


Users could not figure out how various previous episodes from a channel


There was little to no visual feedback on interactions and actions

New Ideas

Platform for longer contents and embracing a form of community


Have a separate section that outlines all previous episodes and dates.


Add a moment of delight to let users know their content was uploaded successfully.


Designing for efficiency and ease

Klimax focuses on simplicity by integrating already familiar features from current products to facilitate an easier content creation and consumption.

Typography & Color


A highly curated experience

KLIMAX makes the process of finding, sharing and interacting with audio visual content more engaging. It connects a group of like minded people to a social networking an entire process solely based on preferences and relatable materials for various users at all levels.

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Intro screen and preferences


Users land on the homepage and immediately get recommendations according to preferences consisting of both video and audio contents.


Video contents are displayed in a way where you can readily comment and interact with comments as soon as you begin playing


The Podcast UI is simplistic and intuitive as it places all major controls in view. You can also add comments and interact with others' comments

Social Media

Users can interact with others using the messaging section as a medium to communicate and talk bout mutual shows and podcast

Podcast Interactions

KLIMAX introduces features like playback speed and the snip and share to readily improve users experience


KLIMAX suggests channels based on your preference to follow and enjoy personalised content. You could also create a channel, follow users and have users follow you.

Problems Solved

Integrates all needs into one streamlined experience


Suggests more personalized podcast & video recommendations


Supports social connection and engagement


Creates a sense of belonging to a community of like minds with feedback on feedbacks


Helps creators prioritise long form content


Faster sharing of specific podcast pieces

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